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"Top 100 New Home Products of 2013"


Mini Blind RX TM  is a patent-pending tool that reshapes bent and damaged 1" metal mini-blinds so they sit straight and level.


  • Perfect for the Operations, Maintenance, and Janitorial Market. Keeps blinds looking like new.
  • Replacement blinds can cost hundreds of dollars. MiniBlindRx saves miniblind owners money with every use.
  • MiniBlindRx is easy and intuitive to use. Repairs made by hand do not work. MiniBlindRx works in seconds.

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The MiniBlindRx Story:

MiniBlindRx is the brainchild of professional architect and artist, Chad Wooters. For over twenty years, Mr. Wooters has worked in architecture, construction, and facilities management. During that time he learned that bent mini blinds were a common problem for both multi-family residential and commercial properties. The only known solutions were to fix mini blinds by hand, which doesn't really work, or to replace them, which is expensive. Property owners needed a way to repair bent mini blinds. One day a co-worker suggested that he search the web to find a tool that would repair bent miniblinds. What he found was that no such tool existed. Wooters called a mini blind vendor to find out if she knew of a tool that fixed mini blinds. She said no, but suggested that if ever invented a mini blind repair tool he should pursue it. Recognizing a clear need for a way to fix mini blinds, Wooters experimented with various ways to restore the natural curve of mini blinds. He refined his ideas over several proto-types until he found just the right geometry and shape that has since become the MiniBlindRx. Since then the market for MiniBlindRx has expanded beyond the operations, janitorial and maintenance market to include apartment-dwelling pet owners concerned about their security deposits and households with small children. Because of MiniBlindRx, there is now a way to repair bent and damaged mini blinds saving property managers and individuals money by fixing their bent mini blinds instead of replacing them.